eSamples™ for Surface Materials

Show eSamples to your customers and reduce the need for physical ones.

for Surface Materials

Show eSamples to your customers
and reduce the need for physical ones.

Try the eSamples yourself

Let your customers understand the texture of your products in a fully immersive online experience. We help reduce the need to send samples by offering an alternative to costly tradeshows and physical showrooms.

Key Features

Accurate Colors and Dynamic Lighting

Calibrating the image colours and showcasing multiple lighting conditions to give the most realistic look, almost as if you could hold the product in your hands.

High Resolution Zoom

Our surface zoom technology allows users to see product textures and details as closely as possible.

Fast Loading Images

High-speed download of your product imagery adapted for the web.


Meaningful insights to empower your digital transformation and understand how customers interact with your products.

The Process is Simple

1. Send us your samples

Appearance Scanning

Ship your products to our studio. Our technical experts take care of the rest.

2. We scan them

Generate 3D Content

Our team scans your products in high-resolution. Log in to our CMS portal and take a look at your eSamples.

3. Publish the eSamples to your website

Show Renders in Augmented, Virtual Reality and Virtual Photography

For every product, we provide a line of code to be added to your website. It's fast, simple and easy to integrate. Need assistance? No problem, our team can give you a hand during the integration process.

Value Proposition

Reduce Costs ans Save Time

Send fewer samples,
reduce your costs

Operate from a distance with a virtual showroom. Our eSample technology shows product textures and colours under different lighting conditions.

Boost Sales for your web and print strategy

Drive engagement to your site

Architects, designers and your customers are online. Differentiate yourself from the competition by offering a unique way to interact and visualize your products from anywhere on the web.

Simple Web Integration in your website

Faster Sales Process

Give your customers the ability to preselect your products online. Sell faster.

Increase User Engagement

Happier customers!

Enhance your customers' shopping experience. They will thank you for not always having to go shop at physical stores before making a purchase.

We are transforming the digital presentation of surface materials.

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